Unfortunately Google has put us on the naughty list, and we keep ending up in people’s SPAM boxes. So we want your help to change that!

And in return, we want to give you $50 discount to any blanket in the store!

As well as enter you into a contest to win 5 FREE weighted blankets of your choice! (They are amazing gifts for friends and family)

To enter the contest, and redeem your $50 discount, please follow the steps below!

-> When you are done, email us and we will send you a discount!

Step 1.

Go to your gmail SPAM folder. Search for “Support@weightingcomforts.com

Step 2. 

Click the checkbox next to the email message from Support@weightingcomforts.com

once the box is checked, click the button at the top of your email folder right that says “NOT SPAM”

Step 3.

Go back to your GMAIL inbox “PROMOTIONS” tab and search Support@weightingcomforts.com drag the same email (From Donna/Support) and drop it into the “Primary” email tab. (if your email is not in the PROMOTIONS tab, please ignore this step and go to step 4.

Step 4.

Once your email is in the primary email tab, OPEN the email, click on the 3 dots, near the REPLY button on the far right and select “Add Donna at Weighting Comforts To Contact List

Step 5.

Once you have added support@weightingcomforts.com to the email to the contact list, please push REPLY to the email and write the following message and press send:

“I have completed the steps. Can you send me the discount and enter me in the contest!”

Once we get your email, please allow us 24 hours and we will send you a $50 off promo code, good for 7 days, and add you to our giveaway! You will be notified via email if you have won!!!

Thank you!

-Weighting Comforts Team


There is no purchase necessary to join our contest

This contest giveaway is not endorsed, sponsored or administered by Facebook, nor is Facebook associated with your contest. We completely release Facebook from any and all liability in association with this contest.