Sleeplessness is a pressing issue in our overactive modern lives.

Our Weighting Comforts mission is to help restore the balance between daily energy and nightly rest.

Meet the founders.


Josh Durham

As a Business Management Major, NCAA track athlete, Student Body Vice- President and ambitious self-starter, 23-year-old Josh Durham was ready and capable for his first business launch. Combining Josh and Donna's individual strengths was an exciting adventure and led to Josh being featured in “Forbes Under 30”.

Better Sleep, More Relief.

Weighted blankets benefit users just like a deep tissue massage.

The added pressure aids in releasing serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a hormone in our bodies that gives us a sense of well being. This increase in serotonin availability increases melatonin levels, helping us relax and go to sleep

Simply put, nights with a weighted blanket are calming, cozy and comforting. Weighting Comforts embraces you in a peaceful space like a soft hug, calming your mind as you drift off to sleep.


Quilting Cotton Weighted Blanket

Perfect if you’re new to weighted blankets

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COOLMAX® Weighted Blankets

Stay cool during the hot summer nights

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What Blanket Weight Should I Buy?

If you're new to weighted blankets, we recommend that you choose the lightest weight available of the style you prefer. If after looking at this size chart you find yourself between two weights, we recommend you choose the lighter of the two.