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Friends! It's Self Love Month! What does that even mean?

It is a month to be intentional about showing love to your SELF. I love that it is right after December when there is commonly a lot more busyness and chaos and focus on others. AND it is right before February when we tend to focus on couple LOVE. So January is a month to love yourself.


What does it mean to love yourself, like your WHOLE SELF?

It’s easy to admit that there are PARTS of ourselves that we love.

So name let’s name some of them:

The good friend part?

The hard worker part?

The makes everybody laugh part?

The makes straight A’s or meets every deadline part?


But what about the other parts?

 What about the parts that you hide or are ashamed of?

The anxious part?

The over eater part?

The never satisfied, always looking for the next big thing part?  

The has a hard time cleaning the house part?

The has a hard time getting out of bed part?

And what about that judgmental part?

The lazy part?

The I give up too easily part?  

And don’t EVEN start with the people pleaser part!


How can you love these parts that seem so messy? I’ve got an answer for you: one part at a time.

Take out a piece of paper. Draw a picture of each of these parts. Look at those parts and imagine yourself embracing them. Sound difficult? Does it sound like New Years Resolutions gone wrong? Think we are suppose reject and fix those parts?

No, we can love and embrace them because we are all a mixed bag of parts, but we belong together.


How would your life change if you embraced your whole self?


What if you imagined these parts as little children. Would you be as hard on them as you are on yourself? Probably not. We all have messy parts. It is part of what makes us who we are. Can you wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug? Can you be kind and loving to the parts that make mistakes?


That is just ONE way to show self love.



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Liz Roy
Liz Roy

January 24, 2019

Yay! I’m coming around to loving my whole self even as an older woman. Never too late! Thank you!

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