February 06, 2019

A couple weeks ago, I shared a blog post about how embracing all of the parts of ourselves is self love. If you missed it, you can read it here. 

Today I am talking about the word self discipline as a form of self love. And to be honest with you, it is a word that is hard for me. When you think of the word “self discipline”, what comes to mind for you?

For me, I associate discipline with having to say no to things I want to do. It means less sleep and more planning. I tend to believe the lie that I get more by being less disciplined.

Ann Voskamp helped me put things in perspective with this quote: 

“Life is Pain — and you get to choose: either the Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Disappointment.”

I get to choose the pain of discipline, or the pain of disappointment. Disappointment from not achieving my goals or not planning ahead or not becoming who I am called to be.

I am VERY well acquainted with the Pain of Disappointment. I am still finishing my licensure process for being a therapist. It is so disappointing that it has taken me 2 years longer than I planned.


What kind of Pain of Disappointment are you experiencing?

Ann goes on to say: 

“Nothing happens without discipline. No music gets played without discipline. No games get won. No finish lines get crossed. No freedom gets tasted. And you want that."


YES! I want that!

I want the freedom of not having incomplete projects over my head.

I want the freedom that comes with recognizing  progress is happening.

I want the freedom that completing licensure brings.

I want the freedom of a healthy body.

So this year my word is discipline. I am embracing the word so I can embrace the freedom that comes with it.

What do you want to accomplish that discipline will bring?

What pain will you embrace?


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