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Weighted blankets are making a real difference in the way people sleep and providing real comfort during times of stress. People often ask how to choose the right blanket. It’s important to realize weighted blankets are personal-use blankets, which means choosing the right blanket is all about YOUR personal preferences. We have put together some steps to help you choose your just-right blanket!

STEP 1:  Choose the Right Weight

The first guideline for choosing a blanket is to start with about 10% of your weight. If you fall between one of our weights we encourage people to start with the lighter of the weights.

Additionally, what kind of pressure do you like? You may not know right off the bat. So ask yourself, do you like a deep massage?  Or do you prefer light touch? If you like deep touch massage you are more likely to enjoy a heavier blanket. See the size chart here.

STEP 2:  Choose the Right Temperature

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Will this blanket make me hot?” Weighting Comforts offers three types of fabric to provide our customers with the optimal level of comfort, whether cool, warm, or neutral. We do not add any poly-fill inside the blankets, only weighted beads.

COOLMAX - (for hot sleepers)

If you tend to get hot at night or suffer from night sweats due to menopause, then the COOLMaxⓇ blanket is definitely for you. CoolMax fabric is engineered to wick away moisture (and therefore body heat), which keeps the sleeper from getting too hot at night. The CoolMax is a little wider than our other blankets, at 76” long and 55” in wide. We sell this blanket in 15, 20 and 25-pound weights, and in white and light grey.

FLANNEL - (for the cold-natured)

Some people are just always cold. We offer the charcoal flannel blanket for anyone wanting some extra warmth along with the weight. Our flannel fabric is very cozy and will help keep you warm throughout the year.

Neither Hot or Cold?  Then Quilting Fabric is for you.

Our quilting fabric blankets are 100% quality cotton. They are neither too hot nor too cold, adding only the comforting weight that allows the body to rest. Quilting fabric is offered in 3 soothing colors: pewter, aqua spray, and blue chambray.

What is unique about Weighting Comforts’ blankets?

In the time we’ve been making weighting blankets, several other weighted blanket companies have entered the market. How are we different? Great Question!

  • We do not use polyfill in our blankets.  A number of other companies use polyfill to make the blankets feel softer. But polyfill is polyester and makes the blankets much hotter.
  • Our blankets are simply two pieces of fabric sewn with pockets of beads. You get to decide if you want to use the blanket right on top of your skin, on top of your sheet, or on top of your comforter.
  • Some blankets come with a soft duvet and a weighted insert. The duvet adds more heat to the sleeping experience. Removing the insert also removes 5 pounds of the weight of the blanket. This insert also includes polyfill, which adds additional heat.
  • Our blankets are machine washable - not all weighted blankets can be washed at home.
  • Our return policy is among the most generous.
  • All our blankets are Made in the U.S.A


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    April 01, 2019

    Was going to buy elsewhere but then saw that some of the profits here are going to refugees :)

    Kathy Walters
    Kathy Walters

    April 30, 2019

    I will be ordering from you next month. I am most impressed that you help immigrants. Good for you!


    February 17, 2019

    Was going to buy one but then saw that some of the profits are going to refugees. No thanks, help Americans first.


    May 22, 2018

    I bought a weighted blanket that has a glass sand, fiber fill and duvet cover, have to send it back. Problem, the batting/sand inside the squares shifts into the corners so that the weight doesn’t stay evenly distributed. If I am on my side, the top part of my body doesn’t have any weight, if that makes any sense. I’m wondering how you prevent that with just beads in the squares.
    Thank you.

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    What Blanket Weight Should I Buy?

    If you're new to weighted blankets, we recommend that you choose the lightest weight available of the style you prefer. If after looking at this size chart you find yourself between two weights, we recommend you choose the lighter of the two.