September 18, 2018

Customers sometimes share with us that our weighted blankets help them feel more grounded.

What is “grounded?”

Being grounded is the feeling of being present in the here and now.

Life experiences sometimes leave us feeling kind of “floaty,” like we aren’t attached to our bodies.  One client described it as feeling like one of those ‘airwalker’ balloons.

The most common causes of dissociation, or that “floaty” feeling, are trauma, sexual or physical abuse, and the stress of war or natural disasters.

Many people have experienced trauma. Remember this simple definition of trauma:  “I thought I was safe - and then I wasn’t.”  Even a memory of a traumatic event can cause you to feel disconnected from your body. So practicing grounding can be a helpful tool when facing trauma.

Here are a few ways to ground yourself when you feel “floaty.”


1. Cover yourself with your weighted blanket.

  • Then, intentionally notice each part of your body.
  • Start with your feet - notice the pressure of the blanket on your feet.
  • Notice your knees - sometimes squeezing your knees together can help you “get in”  your body more.
  • Notice the pressure of the blanket on your torso.
  • Notice the feeling of the weight on your chest and shoulders.


2. Look around the room.
Name specific things you see: the white clock, the big blue pillow, the bumpy brown couch.


3. Smell the air.
Describe what it smells like. You may choose to smell a candle, some essential oils, or another pleasant scent.


    4. Touch the weighted blanket.
    Rub your hands over the top noticing the feel of the beads inside the pockets.


      5. Taste something pleasant.
      Be intentional about focusing on the flavor on your tongue and the texture of the food in your mouth.

        Using all of your senses and purposefully focusing on each sensation, one at a time, will help your mind and body move to the present and give you a sense of being in the here and now.

        I hope this helps!


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